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Adirondack 46 High Peaks


HikeADKs.com - Site Update

Dear HikeADKs Members,

It's been quite a long time since the site was refreshed, and I've spend the last few days tidying up.  We managed to upgrade the site this past spring, but there is some functionality which still hasn't been completed yet.  We are hoping to further improve the High Peak tracking tool, bring back the Photo Gallery, and more...  We love suggestions, so please drop me an email.

Going forward we hope to keep the site more current, and let the Adirondack High Peaks Message Board continue to grow and help all of us hikers out there get up to date information about the Peaks we love to climb.

Hope you all had a great hiking season and are looking forward to a beatuful Fall & Winter Season. Happy Hiking!  

Sincerely, Eric Sydor


Adirondack Trail Conditions Update - Sept 18, 2008

Trail Conditions


From the NY State Department of Conservation "Northway Bulletin" of September 18th 2008

Current Interior Conditions in the Adirondack High Peaks Region

Weather:  Forecasts provided by the National Weather Service (NWS) are based on conditions at low elevations.  Hikers & Campers entering the High Peaks Region should expect, and be prepared for, conditions which will likely be more severe than those expressed in a general NWS forecasts.  Hikers & Campers should check up-to-date forecasts before entering the back country, as weather forecasts can change .

Wilderness conditions can change suddenly:  While believed accurate, weather conditions may change at any time.  All users should plan accordingly, including bringing flashlight, first aid equipment, extra food, plenty of water and clothing.  Weather conditions may alter your plans; you should be prepared to spend an unplanned night in the woods before entering the back country.


Be Prepared before Entering Backcountry:

  • Check current weather conditions and short-term forecasts immediately before entering the backcountry;
  • Dress properly with appropriate outer wear and foot wear; hat and gloves or mittens; layers of non-cotton clothes and pack extra clothes and socks;

Bear Vault Update - April 19th

Dear HikeADKs.com Members - Just received an email from Jamie Hogan - at BearVault. Below is the message:

"Our first test lids had the bump a bit too stiff; it would be difficult pushing in the bumps on a cold morning.  Our estimate of the new shipping date for the test lids is about 5 May.Anyone who frequents the Marcy Dam area with any bearvault model is at risk of this bear opening them. I hope to have the field testing complete by early June.

If the testing of this new lid is successful, we will accomodate you with a new unit.  If the new testing is not successful and you frequent this area, I suggest you use another brand of canister and return the unit you have to the store where you purchased it. We continue to have no problems outside of this area with BV350/400s.

I hope this clears things up.


Bear Vault Update - Test Lids Available

In 2007 a bear at Marcy Dam in the Adirondacks learned how to open BearVault models BV350/400.  In response to this a revised lid has been developed that is backwards compatible with BV350/400s.  This new lid is the same size/weight as the BV350/400 lid, however it has two bumps to be pressed in to open it rather than one bump.
To read more click below.

Spring is in the air!

bear canisterGreetings to all Adirondack Hikers, Spring is officially here and we have some updates to make.  First of all Bear season has begun and it's mandatory for all campers to use Bear Canisters in the park (starting April 1st), so don't forget your can at home.  The bears apparently are beginning to awaken from their long winter slumber - so be prepared and don't lose your precious food supply to mr. bear.

Also please note that even though spring is here, the Snowshoe rule is still in effect.  Until the snow level drops considerably the rangers are still enforcing this rule.  Better to be safe than sorry, and we all know that the Adirondack winter lasts a lot longer up at the  higher altitudes.

We're getting all ready for the warmer months, and looking
forward to hearing about your climbs!

Adirondack Winter Member Photo Feature...

Browsing through our online photo gallery you have to be amazed by the beauty of the Adirondack State Park.  The majestic peaks, ice encrusted trees, the wildlife getting ready to emerge once again this spring.  Here are a few sample shots from our members - - - great shots everyone!


Server Upgrade Complete

HikeADKs.com Server Upgrade Complete:

Wanted to let all of our users know that we've moved the HikeADKs.com site to our new server.  If you experience any down time we appologize, we are trying our best to make is a smooth transition.

The new server has a ton more storage, more RAM and should be considerably faster. If anyone experiences problems please use the Contact page and let us know - everything should be up and running by Monday morning. Use the contact button up top to let me know if you have any problems with the site. We will be testing the new system for the next few days to iron our any kinks.

The Winter Countdown...

Adirondack Winter: Is Officially Over

The winter countdown has come to a close, The official "Winter 46ers" is over.  As of March 21st - your summit bids will not count as winter climbs. Even though  many of us know that the winter conditions will persist for another month or two after this date, those of you trying to gain a "W" on your 46er quest.

If you're going out make sure to check the weather forecast and have the proper gear (Snowshoes etc.).  Even though winter is considered over, we all know that the Adirondack mountains continue to have very wintery conditions for another few months. With the ending of winter, lets hear a big round of applause for Spring and Summer!

Lunar Eclipse - Wednesday Night

nasa_lunar_eclipse_195_28aug07.jpg "Skywatchers in the Western Hemisphere will be able to view the full moon in shades of red as it slides into the shadow of the Earth during a total lunar eclipse Wednesday night.

If weather conditions are favorable, the entire eclipse will be visible in South America and most of North America late Wednesday. People in western Europe, Africa and western Asia can view the eclipse before dawn on Thursday.

The U.S. space agency, NASA, says the major stage of the eclipse will last about 50 minutes at 0301 GMT until 0351 GMT. NASA says the moon can take on a dramatically colorful appearance, from bright orange to blood red, as it passes through the Earth's shadow."

This will be your last chance to see a full eclipse, next one is scheduled in 2010. So make sure you get outside around 8:45pm, full Eclipse around 10:26pm.

For Full Article Click Here

Graphic Showing Eclipse Times for the North East


New Personal Message System Installed

*** Quick note to all our members. Just installed a great little module on the site that allows all of you to more easily communicate with each other. It allows you to click on anyone's name, and shoot them a quick instant message.  You will notice on your home page on the right side is a "Private Message" area where you will receive emails.   Also a link to "Send Emails" is found under your User Menu, giving you the ability to send and receive messages.

I think people will find this most convenient if you wish to shoot a quick message to someone on the site.  Aside from that we've also enabled "Connections", so next time you're viewing someone's profile you can add them as your friend.  Then all of your friends will be listed under your profile making it easy for you to email, instant message, or view their profile.

Please send us feed back on these new features, we hope you like them!

Missing hikers rescued from mountain

"The search teams that found two men atop a mountain in Franconia Notch had spent nearly six hours breaking trail to the summit, making their way through darkness, deep snow and howling winds.

The two men had planned a day hike Sunday up to the summit of Mount Lafayette, a nine-mile loop up the Falling Waters Trail and down the Bridal Path. Although Sunday morning started out clear, snow and winds blew into the notch by late morning.

Goss said the two had good gear and that Frederickson had winter hiking experience. Osborne was described to officials as a novice winter hiker. But they did not have snowshoes or adequate gear for the extreme conditions, which included subzero temperatures and winds of more than 60 mph.

The two were found near each other, about 200 feet north of the intersection of Falling Waters and the Franconia Ridge trails. Frederickson, officials said, was lying near the trail, his back still on his back, unresponsive. Osborne was found a short distance away, near some scrub trees.

Osborne was lifted off the mountain at 8:50 p.m. and Frederickson was flown off at 9:35 p.m. Both were taken to Littleton Hospital, where Frederickson was pronounced dead. Osborne was airlifted to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon. His condition was not available."

Read the Full Article - Union Leader Newspaper

Discuss This Event in our Message Board


Grace Peak Proposal Gaining Momentum

Adirondack Forty-Sixers’ Grace Peak Proposal Gaining Momentum
A groundswell has been building for several years to name two peaks in the Dix Range after two people who had a defining influence on hiking and outdoor recreation in the High Peaks. The Grace Peak Committee of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers is leading the initiative to name East Dix “Grace Peak” in honor of Grace Hudowalski, and South Dix “Carson Peak” in honor of Russell M.L. (Russ) Carson. Grace Hudowalski #9 was one of the founders, first president, and for decades Historian of the Forty-Sixers of Troy and their successor, today’s Forty-Sixers. Russ Carson wrote the first history and trail guide to the region, “Peaks and People of the Adirondacks”, was a charter member and early president of the ADK, and devoted much effort to researching, preserving, and promoting the responsible enjoyment of the Adirondack Mountains.  The path to formal name approval by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names is long and arduous, and success depends on strong local and regional support. Information about the proposal, biographies of Grace and Russ, details of upcoming events (including locations and times), and a status report on progress can be viewed at the Grace Peak Proposal Website .

 --- Kevin MacKenzie passed this link and information onto us, sounds like a great idea! We'll try to track the progress of this committee and see if they succeed in this good cause.


Our 300th Member - Congrats James!

The Mountaineer awards Prize
Congrats - James our 300th Member!
James from Sodus, NY is our Lucky #300 - On January 30th, 12:05am the HikeADKs site hit 300 registered members. Just happens that a fellow named James is our lucky winner, to celebrate our 300th - we thought it would be fitting to present him with an Adirondack High Peaks Guide Book presented by the great folks at The Mountaineer of Keene Valley, NY.

We are happy to welcome all the new hikers out there - HikeADKs.com


HikeADKs New Logo

HikeADKs New Logo
We're proud to showcase our new HikeADKs.com logo!  Felt it was time to put something together that will be easily distinguishable and can use on some of the different pages on the site.  Come Summer and Fall I'm thinking of having 4 variations for each season... But for now it's winter and we can enjoy the snow capped Adirondack mountains.

Also updated the main header image at the top of the site from our last Table Top climb on January 26th. Nice winter view of Colden and Algonquin, enjoy!  That's all for now, Happy Trails!  - - Eric

HikeAdks Turns 1 year old!

Happy Birthday HikeADKs.com
Please indulge and Celebrate with us!
HikeAdks Turns 1 year old! This month marks our 1 year anniversary of providing tools and information to the ever growing amount of Adirondack Hikers. We would all like to thank all of our members out there for being supportive, sending your suggestions, and a big thank you to all who have contributed on this site.

To celebrate we've put together a 1 year birthday cupcake for all to enjoy (Our new years resolution has kept us from making it too unhealthy, so it's in online form only and it's safe to look at).  Coming in a a whopping 0 Calories this will be a very enjoyable treat for all.

Here's to 2008 and the next many years ahead for the HikeADKs Community!  Hip Hip Horray! Best wishes in the new year... Wishing to become a member of our site?

Click here - Register Today!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all you hikers out there!  Hope you've made your new year resolutions, and sticking to them!  We've started a discussion on our message boards about those resolutions - so if you want to share what you are striving for, please share!
Adirondack Calendar
 On a side note, we wanted to let you know that we've just installed an online calendar system on the site. Some of our members have asked for this, and we delivered!  Should be a nice feature alerting everyone of upcoming events and other notable things.  (For example: when we hikers have to use Bear Canisters, and when we don't).  This should give everyone a good heads up.  Another bonus is that if anyone has an upcoming event they feel should be up there and is not - please let us know and contact us. We'll do our best.

Happy Hiking!  - - HikeADKs.com

Welcome to HikeADKs.com

We welcome you to HikeADKs.com, your personal hiking guide to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.  Firstly we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We have some big changes being made to the website over the next few weeks.

1) We are proud to announce that our site has changed its name to HikeADKs.com. A year ago the site was designed to be the new Adirondack 46ers website and was modeled just for that purpose.  A year has passed and the club has clearly stated that it is happy with it's current site, and in the meantime ADK46.com has fluirished with new hikers giving us raving reviews!  So we're here to stay, just with a different site name.

2) Come January we will be sprucing up the website adding much needed new features and tools, to give all you Adirondack Hikers out there.  So stayed tuned, as the upgrades are completed we'll be sending out updated emails. Most importantly the site will remain completely FREE for all users, and encourage everyone to contribute to the site.

Once again, wishing you all a very merry Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful time, and hope you all get to venture out in the Adirondack High Peaks this winter.

Happy Hiking!   - -  Eric @ HikeADKs.com

Bear Vault Update

This message was just posted by the people who make the Bear Vault...  After much discussion in our message forum, we have been learning on how the Bear Vault has been compromised by a bear in the Adirondacks (very smart bears!).  Please read what they have to say...

"Since 10 August a single bear in the Marcy Dam area has learned to open BearVault BV350/3400 models. It does this by pushing in the bump with its incisor tooth and unscrewing the lid. As of today, this bear is the only bear in the US that has managed to open BV350/400s since their introduction in June 2006. However it can open them at will and so BearVaults should not be used in the Marcy Dam area until new lids are available. In an effort to improve our product, test lids were sent to the rangers in the High Peaks area to distribute to hikers who were heading to Marcy Dam. The hope was by giving hikers and rangers test lids, we would increase the chances of getting an interaction of the new lids with this very talented bear. The problems is there were only 12 test lids available. The idea is a hiker would use the test lid and then return it to the rangers along with any information on interactions with bears at Marcy Dam.

If you are one of the hikers with these test lids,please contact us with your experience at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Also, if you are done with the test lid, please pass it on to another hiker who may be going to Marcy Dam (if you know of anyone) or return the lid to the rangers with your input. Input from this testing is crucial for the design of the lids for 2008. The new lids will be backwards compatible with BV350/400 and will be available for a free swapout next spring upon successful testing of these lids with this bear. Your help with this testing will ensure the new lids pass muster with the Marcy Dam bear. So far we have had one report of the Marcy Dam bear attacking the test lids and not getting in.

Thank you for your help.
Jamie and Cindy"


Fall Foliage '07

The Fall is certainly here and the reports coming in have been loud and clear - the Fall Foliage is here and in full force.  The trees have started their turn giving us reds, yellows, oranges and every color in-between making this season one of the best to visit the beautiful Adirondack State Park.

We at ADK46.com would like to give you an opportunity to show off your photo skills, send in your favorite fall photos from this year, and the winner(s) will have their photo featured right on the home page of the site!  Easiest way would probably be to post the photos up in the photo gallery area, and make sure you drop us an email to alert us of your postings.

Goodluck & Happy Hiking!


The Mountaineer Teams up with HikeADKs.com

The Mountaineer We're proud at the HikeADKs.com website to announce that our beloved mountaineering store has agreed to give us a hand with future prizes and promotions for our members.  As our site grows we hope to continue to grow our relationship and pass onto you special offers throughout the season. 

We are lucky to such a store located right in the heart of the high peaks, please pop in next time you're in the area or visit their website - www.mountaineer.com . Next time you're in the need for hiking gear, guide books, or renting equipment try them out.


August Adirondack Update

August 27th, 2007
A Quick update for you Hikers out there...

July has come and gone, now we're into the last bit of Summer already.  The Weather forecast for this upcoming weekend is looking mighty good for those lucky enough to be heading out to the Park, 70's and Sunny - can't complain about that now can we?

There has been a spell of dry weather for the past week or so, and the trail reports have been very positive.  Little talk of bugs, or bears as of late.  If anybody hikes, and takes photos please send them in and post them up on the site, we'd love to see them.

We've just added a new area to the Message Board area dedicated to "Lean-To's" in the Adirondacks - a place to share some of your favorite shelters.  We hope to create a nice directory of lean-to's for everyone to benefit from, soon we hope to have photos, stories, and recommedations about most of the lean-to's in the Park.   

Happy Hiking, and hope you all have a wonderful week!  - ADK46.com

Tyler hits all 46!

Tyler the 46er
Tyler and his Family on top of Colden
A big round of applause for one of our first and most active members on the site - Tyler Socash completes all 46 peaks in the Adirondack Park.  Please read his trail report of his final mountain (Colden) which he completed with his family last week.

He apparently hasn't had enough just yet, as he has already started his second round of climbing.  Great job Tyler, and we hope to see you out on the trail!


** July Hiking Update **

A quick update for all you hikers....

** MUD / MOSQUITTO REPORT -  The bugs are here to stay - at least until the Fall arrives. Be sure to check the Trail Reports, parts of the park are worse than others.  Santanoni area recently has had reports of some black fly's, but most notably Dial and Nippletop area near Ausable club has reports of bad bugs.  Seward Range has it's fair share of mosquitto's, so plan ahead. Make sure you bring plenty of bug (DEET) dope with you on your next climb. Having a head net also wouldn't be a bad idea if you plan on taking a break from your climb.  If you plan to sleep in a lean-to, use a bed net to cover your whole body, this is one great trick that we use regularly for a peaceful night sleep.

Muddy Boots
Muddy Conditions
The Mud has returned, the dry weather has gone and the numerous thunderstorms rolling through the High Peak region has created lots of mud. Bring extra socks, wear Gaitors if you like, and using poles helps a lot to keep you out of the deep stuff. Along with bugs, Bears have also been reported near JBL and Lake Colden, so please be sure to always use a Bear Cannister to properly protect your food at night.

Check the message boards before you head out for a hike, it might give you some good insight into how the hiking conditions are.  We have updated the site a little bit at a time, and we're happy to see the new Forum is being well utlized.   Happy Hiking!


Our 46th Member!!! Congrats Glenna!

Nalgene PrizeGlenna is our Lucky #46 - On June 5th the HikeADKs site  hit 46 members, we are so excited that we are going to present a prize to our newest member.  Glenna Redmond is our lucky winner, to celebrate our 46th - we thought it would be fitting to present her with a very nice Adirondack High Peak Nalgene Bottle from the Mountaineer of Keene Valley. 

Keep passing the word around about the site - we are so pleased that we are growing in members!  - - - Happy Hiking!

Message Board now live.

In the past few days we have been putting together a message board area, it is now live and you're all welcome to take a look and start contributing.  This new area will encompass many of the valuable features of the website including Adirondack Trail Conditions, Gear reviews, and a Question and Answer area.

The public is welcome to browse through the posts, and members of the site are more than welcome to contribute.  If you find that a new area is required for your post please contact us and we will try to help you out.  The message board we have found is very easy to use, and allows you to attach photos within your post, which will be nice for trail reports.  Happy Hiking!

PS. We just hit 38 members on the site,  We welcome all you new users out there!  If you would like to join our site please Register today - it's Free!


World Map of Hikers now Live...

We have just implemented a new feature on the HikeADKs.com website - the ability to see a Google World Map of Adirondack 46 hikers.  To view this new feature please login and click on the "World Hiker Map" button.  Those users that have inputted enough information will be displayed on the world map.

This feature will be handy in meeting fellow hikers who are living in your vacinity.  Your personal information is not displayed (address, etc.), we take privacy very seriously on this site.  To let the site figure out your coordinates you have to update your profile but clicking on "Your Details", and then clicking on "Edit", plug in your address etc. and then click Update.

We believe this will be a fun new feature for our members, giving everyone an idea of where all of the aspriing and official 46'ers are in the world.  If you need any help please feel free to contact us through the contact form.

Spring is Officially Here!

The Winter season of the Adirondacks is officially over, and we hope all of you hikers out there who are striving to be an Winter ADK46-r had much luck and success.  The bears will soon awaken from their long winter slumber, and the beautiful mountain flowers will begin to bloom.

We will soon have an improved Trail Conditions area for which anyone can contribute to.  More on that to come.  But for now we have a simplified area - if you have any hiking stories that you wish to put online please send them via the contact form.   Thanks!

Welcome to HikeADKs.com

Hello and welcome, this new website is here for all those hikers out there who love the Adirondacks and are aspiring to climb all 46 high peaks in the Adirondack State Park.  Whether you are a new hiker, or a veteran you should find tons of free  resources right here. There are Forty-Six High Peaks above 4,000 feet in the State of New York, and once completing all 46 you can become an official member of the 46'er club.

This websites purpose is to be a free, up-to-date resource for anyone wanting to climb.  You'll be able to find important information such as Trail Conditions, Weather reports, High Peak reviews, Gear reviews and more!  So please sign up, it's free and start contributing.  Whenever you finish a climb come back here and fill out a Hike Report so that others can learn from your experience...

We have many features planned including: High Peak mountain recomendations, when to go, what to bring, and more.  Also a way to record your climbs as you go is planned - making sure you complete all 46. Once you have registered you are welcome to post photos, and stories - we hope to build a community of hikers...