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Where can I get help in an emergency?

You may meet forest rangers or other DEC personnel on the trails. They will be glad to help you with search and rescue or with law enforcement. Most hikers you meet are also willing to offer information and help.

If you need emergency help, the Park-Wide Emergency Dispatch telephone number is (518) 891-0235. Do not count on cellular telephone reception in the High Peaks. With any emergency in a remote area, you will have to rely on what is at hand, mostly your brain and what you have in your pack. We recommend that you take a workshop in wilderness first aid. Workshops are offered by Wilderness Medical Associates (wildmed.com ), SOLO (soloschools.com ), the American Red Cross (redcross.org ) and hiking organizations such as the ADK.


The Division of Lands and Forest of the DEC at Raybrook, NY, 12977, manages State land in the Adirondack Park. Write or phone them at (518) 897-1200. If they do not have the information you want, they can direct you to someone who does.  The DEC is updating management plans for many areas in the Forest Preserve. For current regulations, check the DEC webpage, www.dec.state.ny.us , or contact the DEC by phone before you begin your trip.