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Adirondack 46 High Peaks


Couchsachraga Peak

Couchsachraga Peak 46.  Couchsachraga Peak
Elevation: 3820' (1164m)
44.0955N 074.1603W

Couchsachraga is the lowest of the 46 peaks. It is less than 4000 by a fair bit. But, when the 46er list was first created a century ago, it was mistakenly thought to be over 4000. And so it remains as part of the list. Couchsachraga is an officially untrailed peak, and it is also fully treed, although there is a small platform on the summit that allows some limited views. Couchsachraga is usually done in conjunction with the two other peaks of the Santanoni Mountains (Panther and Santanoni). It is a long hike in to do these peaks, and Couchsachraga is the hardest of the three to get to, although not by much.

Some people refer to it by it's nickname "Couch". Another side note is that it has one of the most beautifully hand made summit signs of all the high peaks.

Couchsachraga Hiking Guide