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Adirondack 46 High Peaks


Dial Mountain

Dial Mountain 41.  Dial Mountain
Elevation: 4020' (1225m)
44.1059N 073.7962W

Dial is really just a lower bump on the ridge that culminates with Nippletop. Still, it is considered a distinct and separate 4000-footer peak. Dial can be reached either by ascending almost to Nippletop, then walking downhill along Nippletop's main ridge, or it may be reached by taking the Leach trail directly up from Lake Road. If approaching by the more direct option, you will traverse through some very interesting old forest fire terrain on the shoulder of Noonmark. Except for the rapid growth of new saplings, the terrain is devastated and open, affording very good views and a different trail experience than most in the Adirondacks.

The actual summit of Dial Mountain is completely treed; however, right at the highest point, there is a large flat-topped glacial erratic, the top of which affords an excellent view towards the Great Range and the central High Peaks.

Dial Mountain Hiking Guide