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Adirondack 46 High Peaks


Mount Emmons

Mount Emmons 40.  Mount Emmons
Elevation: 4040' (1231m)
44.1438N 074.2143W

One of the three peaks in the Seward Range. Officially trailless, and usually reached from a herdpath that leads up over Seward. The lowest peak in the Seward Range. There are some nice views towards long lake at the summit and on the way to it. It is much easier to do this peak via the Caulkins brook route than by the regular route over Seward. Doing the Sewards all in one go is possible - a loop route is recommended for this, up the Caulkins brook route, then Donaldson and Emmons, and then back over Seward and down the regular route (down the north side of Seward).