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Adirondack 46 High Peaks


Porter Mountain

Porter Mountain 38.  Porter Mountain
Elevation: 4060' (1237m)
44.2123N 073.8536W



Porter Mountain
is in Essex County of New York. It is one of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks and is located in the Adirondack Park. Its name comes from Noah Porter, later president of Yale University and one of the first to climb it.

Slightly overshadowed by its higher and more popular neighbor Cascade Mountain, with which it is often climbed, Porter is nevertheless a rewarding experience in itself. While it lacks the pseudo-alpine open summit of Cascade, there are nevertheless wide views available from its own summit, particularly of the Johns Brook Valley to the east (which Porter blocks from Cascade) and it is often less crowded.

A yellow-blazed trail leaves the trail to Cascade about 0.5 mile (approximately 1 km) short of that mountain's summit, and leads down into the col between the two peaks about 1 mile (1.6 km) to Porter’s summit, an engaging detour on the trip to Cascade.

It is also possible to follow this trail from its other terminus, over neighboring Blueberry Mountain from Keene Valley, but that involves much more vertical ascent and a longer trip all-around.

Porter is a long ridge stretching from near Keene Valley almost to Cascade Pass. There are many humps and bumps along Porter, including the summit, which just manages to top out at a little over 4000 feet. There are many superb open areas and viewpoints along the ridge, and the summit itself has a nice open area. A premier way to do this peak is to start in Keene Valley, at the southwest corner of the Marcy airfield, and traverse over the entire ridge, and end at the Cascade Mountain trailhead near Cascade Pass on Rte 73 (and when doing this you might as well do Cascade Mountain as well!).

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