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Adirondack 46 High Peaks


Seymour Mountain

Seymoure Mountain 34.  Seymour Mountain
Elevation: 4120' (1255m)
44.158N 074.1726W

Seymour is actually not a bad little mountain. It has an interesting little summit plateau, that, although treed, has a bunch of interesting viewpoints in all sorts of different directions, all connected by cute little herdpaths. And there is a nice big ledge with a cliff to the north/northeast. The herdpath up to Seymour is somewhat interesting in spots as well, because part of it can be done by following a small and old slide path. The herdpath leads up to Seymour from just past the Ward Brook lean-to, the turnoff to which is marked by a cairn. See the image gallery(s) below for more details.