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Adirondack 46 High Peaks


Hough Peak

Hough Peak 23.  Hough Peak
Elevation: 4400' (1341m)
44.0696N 073.7779W

Hough Peak is one of the 4 trailless peaks of the Dix Range. It has a treed summit with a few good lookout ledges, including a nice and interesting view of Dix and the Beckhorn. Hough Peak is often climbed in a group with Macomb, East Dix and South Dix. The route up Hough Peak is trailless and can be done either via a ridge connecting it to Dix, or via a herdpath route leading up and over Macomb from the trail to Elk Lake. There is no longer a summit canister on Hough - instead there is a small round red plastic trail marker with 'hough' written on it that marks the summit (it is on a tree).