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27 Feb 2013 02:36
  • EdD263
  • EdD263's Avatar
Hi Kathy - Tabletop was climbed for sure on Sunday 2/23 for the ADKHighPeaks Forum winter gathering. We have about 8 to 12 inches of snow coming in tomorrow for the HighPeaks which will change things. I would think that Tabletop will be packed out right away as it is popular. You might want to think about joining the HP forum to get answers to your Haystack question. Ed
27 Feb 2013 02:20
  • Kathy
  • Kathy's Avatar
I realize it is a little early for weather for June of 2013, but just wanting to know if the trail is open down the south side of Haystack over to the junction to Skylight. I am planning a hike from JBL to Haystack, down the backside over to Skylight and back over Marcy to JBL on a June Saturday, staying at JBL for the night. I believe it is about 14 miles and am looking at a 12 hour day possibly but just wanted to know what the trail conditions have been lately and what hiking times have you...
24 Jul 2012 15:17
  • mr33
  • mr33's Avatar
I'd wanted to take a shot at the range for a while, and since my sister and brother in law still needed Basin, SB, and LWJ, they agreed to give it go. The previous day we drove up to the Sharp Bridge campground with a detour to the Blue Ledges in the Hudson Gorge Primitive Area. This camping decision was the only thing I wish we had done differently, as the group next to us was a bit loud and made falling asleep difficult.

We started from the Garden and took the Hopkins trail to Marcy. I'd...
28 May 2012 21:29
  • centerfield
  • centerfield's Avatar
Well I tried to write a trail report about the shortcut bushwhack up Haystack from the Jack Rabbit Trail with a link to the gpx file and some pictures, but when I hit submit I got message saying "You tried to post spam, the administrators have been notified."

So instead I posted the report over at adkhikers.com. You can read it here and get the link for the gpx file:

Bushwhack up Haystack from Jack Rabbit Trail
25 May 2012 02:57
  • adrksmb
  • adrksmb's Avatar
Congrats on 46 , where was the last good water, i prefer streams over still water i was looking to do the same hike as you later this year and would appreciate any info, thanks.
23 May 2012 00:58
  • Junebug
  • Junebug's Avatar

thanks for that information on the time up to Haystack from the lean-to. I'm thinking the last .75 miles up will be a test for me but looking forward to it.

will keep and eye out for your facebook link here for the photos.

happy trails!

23 May 2012 00:47
  • deb
  • deb's Avatar
hey Junebug,
I posted some pics on my FB page. And the hike up Haystack is exhilarting. Loved it.
Took 1.5 hours to reach the summit from the lean too. We then took in Marcy, Skylight and Gray and down the blue trail from four corners back to the lean too. Total ascent that day was 4100 feet and took us 8 hours. The dip in the Marcy brook was delicious as was the swim crossing the brook where the bridge was out en route back to Elk Lake. It will be a highlight for sure. enjoy,deb
22 May 2012 13:35
  • Junebug
  • Junebug's Avatar

Thanks for the tr! This is the hike I want to do in August and was wondering about the stream crossing @ Marcy Brook since the bridge is out. First off, do you have any pics you could post a link to? Also, how would you describe the hike up Haystack from the south side and how long did that part take you?
Oh, and thanks for doing that clean up; there is a post on here about those bad people.


22 May 2012 12:17
  • deb
  • deb's Avatar
Just spent the weekend at the Panther Gorge lean-too. We hiked in from Elk Lake and had to take pants and boots off for the stream crossing in the Marcy swamp. Bridge still out.
We went to the right and found a great sand bar. Made it in 5 hours. Cleaned up a huge mess at the lean-too. How awful to find raw hamburger meat, tins of soup and a general ugly dirty mess. Buried the persiable items and hiked out the tins and garbage. On sunday we hiked up Haystack, over Marcy, Skylight and then onto...
20 May 2012 23:06
  • Junebug
  • Junebug's Avatar
Hiked in to Marcy Dam from South Meadow Road again early Saturday morning around 7:00 AM. Stellar conditions; 41 degrees, bright blue clear skys and dead calm winds. Little bit nicer hiking in this time than last week since I got my pack weight down to 29 pounds from 38! Really took my time and stopped a lot to listen to the sounds and peak around since usually I am rushing in to set up camp. Found my favorite camp site empty and knew things were going to be great when I saw a new painted...
16 May 2012 00:15
  • mr33
  • mr33's Avatar
If you're wondering why it took us 3 days for these 3 peaks, we planned on also doing Haystack, Colvin, and Blake as part of this trip but it didn't work out....

We started from the Upper Works at 2:30 and were at the Flowed Lands by 5:00. Since we had time we headed around to the FL outlet to check out the old dam and to scope out the other lean-tos on the way. We thought about crossing and heading down to Hanging Spear Falls, but we didn't think we could cross without getting our...
09 May 2012 12:02
  • David57
  • David57's Avatar
Congrats...what a great hike for your 46th...my favorite...
09 May 2012 02:49
  • Junebug
  • Junebug's Avatar
I believe the trail is closed last I looked at the NYS trail web page and the bridge is out over Marcy Swamp.
09 May 2012 02:46
  • Junebug
  • Junebug's Avatar
Very curious what model Asolo boots your bought.

I have a pair of Asolo Powermatics 200 GTX from 2007 and never had any issues with leaks like that. I have stood in streams with my boots on and never had a leak.
09 May 2012 01:23
  • EdD263
  • EdD263's Avatar
Congrats on HaBaSa and becoming a 46-r. Thanks for the trail report.
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