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13 Mar 2016 16:48
  • wgage01
  • wgage01's Avatar
Equipment: Hillsound Trail Pro Crampons, Nordic Cross country ski poles. It was a gorgeous day to be in the high peaks. Signed in @ 7:30 began hike but returned to car to adjust boots. Back on the trail by 8:15. Hike up was on a trail of frozen mud then snow and ice. There were several spots where aggressive traction devices were required. Most hikers had Microspikes which passed but required extra caution. Some had yak trax which were insufficient. Others had full crampons which was...
08 Mar 2013 17:07
  • LKPRobb
  • LKPRobb's Avatar
I'm considering a hike late next week to Algonquin and Iroquois. I've been over Algonquin before in summer and winter, but never made the trip to Iroquois. Being a "trailess peak" how difficult could it be to find and stay on the herdpath to the summit?

It may snow a bit in the middle of the week, so how much traffic is normal to Algonquin? Much chance of having a packed trail at least to the Lake Colden / Iroquois junction?

Thanks for any info or suggestions.

12 Feb 2013 15:35
  • EdD263
  • EdD263's Avatar
Mike, thanks for the trail report and the conditions on the W-A and I trails. You must be lucky to reach Iro on only your third winter attempt. I finally reached it on my fifth winter try. Sunday was a really nice day to be out as it was nice here in the Southern Adks. Thanks also for your trail information on Big Slide. That is a great climb but the Brothers can be un-nerving when they are all iced up.
Your question on folks walking right by you on the trail with out saying anything is in my...
11 Feb 2013 19:39
  • Zappa
  • Zappa's Avatar
Had a nice start getting to the trail head at the ADK Information Center at 7am. Therm in van said -18 when we jumped out. Trail well packed with no more than 7 inches of snow in the surrounding area. One group ahead of us going for Iroquois. MSR snowshoes on our feet the 3 of us (Ward, Spencer) made a dash for the .9 mile marker. Trail continued to be well packed to the peaks of Wright and Algonquin. Bare booted down Algonquin to the Iroquois sign and put the snow shoes back on. Worked our way...
26 Oct 2012 22:56
  • EdD263
  • EdD263's Avatar
The problem with climbing RPR from New Russia in winter is that it is not a highly traveled trail but with that being said you might still arrive at the trailhead and find a very nice packed trail. You are also up on an exposed ridge for a long time and if you do not have a car parked along RT73 it means you have to return to New Russia after summiting RPR or go down to RT 73 via Giant and try to beg for a ride to New Russia. I would think that a winter climb of RPR would be easiest from the...
26 Oct 2012 11:45
  • LKPRobb
  • LKPRobb's Avatar
I'm hoping to climb Rocky Peak from 9N for a winter hike. Does this trail / approach get much winter use? I climbed Giant a few winters ago but the trail through the col to RPR wasn't packed out, and it was getting late, so I just headed down.

Might also try Algonquin / Iroquois late winter. I've climbed Algonquin, but never made it to Iroquois. I know these trails, at least to Algonquin, get plenty of winter use.

Panther, Santanoni, Couch will wait for a (hopefully) dry spell next...
24 Oct 2012 22:55
  • David57
  • David57's Avatar
sounds like a great hike....I love Colden and will be there in early winter...unfortunately there is mud all over, right now...probably the 3 driest trails are Giant, Algonquin, and Cascade...just about everywhere else, mud...Marcy would not be too bad on the Van H trail....I may go there soon....congrats...on a good one....
good hiking....
01 Oct 2012 01:00
  • David57
  • David57's Avatar
great hike , Ed...now you have good reason to do another round...sorry that I had to work....would have loved to be there...no free time and I'm getting antsy...todays rain did not help...maybe this week....on a different note, my cousin Dale S. won the Maine moose lotto and went last week and bagged an 800 lb bull...a beaut...
so...I'll give a shout if I go his week....congrats to the Gkids...!!
David S.
30 Sep 2012 17:43
  • EdD263
  • EdD263's Avatar
Mountains Climbed:Algonquin, Iroquois & Wright
Date of Hike:

Trail Conditions: As we pretty much had rain all day the trails were very muddy with lots of slippery rocks covered with mud...Large muddy canals in between Iroquois and Algonquin.

Comments: I made this hike with my grand daughter and grand son and my friend John M and we left the LOJ in light rain at 8:15am and reached the summit of Algonquin at 11:00am and after a snack went over to Iroquois reaching it at about Noon and after...
18 Sep 2012 12:40
  • EdD263
  • EdD263's Avatar
Mountains Climbed: Gray, Skylight & Marcy
Date of Hike: 9/7/12

Trail Conditions: All the trails were in good condition with some mud and of course lots and lots of rocks to hop.

Comments: Now that the administrator has gotten the POS spammers under control, I thought that we should get back to posting trip reports of the kind that this site was founded.

I made this hike with Ben K. who is Scatterbone on the High Peaks forum after seeing that he was looking for someone to go along on his 46th...
06 Aug 2012 11:54
  • mr33
  • mr33's Avatar
Ed, we missed running into you by a day. We hiked Seymour Sunday with very different conditions. When we got to the parking lot at 9am there were only 3 cars, and we ran into just two groups all day. Of course, we got soaked and there were no views. When we did Wright, Algonquin, Iroquois on Saturday it was a zoo. There were probably 60 people on the summit when we arrived.

23 Jul 2012 15:14
  • EdD263
  • EdD263's Avatar
Mountains climbed - Algonquin, Iroquois and Wright
Date Climbed - 7/22/12

Trail Conditions - All trails in fine shape with little to no mud.

Comments - My daughter in law and sixteen year old grandson wanted to extend their high peak count from two to five so we left the HPIC at 8:45am with the intention to climb Algonquin first and then on over to Iroquois and Wright on the way back. My daughterinlaw was filled with vigor at the start of the climb up Algonquin saying there was no way she was...
24 Jun 2012 15:28
  • EdD263
  • EdD263's Avatar
Mountain Climbed - Blue
Date - 6/23/12

Trail conditions - perfect on the way up-very wet on the way down- Blue has much bedrock so a lot of it is like walking on a concrete sidewalk.

Comments- I am trying to help my new friend Gerard from the High Peaks forum get in to better condition in order to tackle the 46. After climbing Algonquin on Tuesday, I thought that Blue might be a good training climb for him as he had attempted it once before and turned around.
As Gerard is from Brooklyn and...
21 Jun 2012 16:38
  • EdD263
  • EdD263's Avatar
David once again it was great being in the High Peaks with you. It was a great day and really nice that Gerard was able to get to the summit of Algonquin. If anyone is interested in reading Gerard's heartfelt trip report it can be found on the Adirondack High Peaks forum. Due to Gerards current physical condition his accomplishment dwarfs all of ours combined. For me it was my tenth time on the summit of Algonquin and so nice not to see that summit all covered in snow and ice. Also really happy...
21 Jun 2012 04:54
  • David57
  • David57's Avatar
I was supposed to meet up with Gerard, Jack, and edD263 at 5:00AM to help get Gerard to Iroquois if possible...but with a tire blowout about 10 miles from home I had to mount the doughnut and try to get a patch job done and ended up being nearly 6 hrs behind...even thinking that there pace was going to be very slow, I had only a hopeful expectation of catching up...
There is not alot to say about the trail to Algonquin....it's well traveled and in great shape most all of the time...there was no...
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