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August Adirondack Update

August 27th, 2007
A Quick update for you Hikers out there...

July has come and gone, now we're into the last bit of Summer already.  The Weather forecast for this upcoming weekend is looking mighty good for those lucky enough to be heading out to the Park, 70's and Sunny - can't complain about that now can we?

There has been a spell of dry weather for the past week or so, and the trail reports have been very positive.  Little talk of bugs, or bears as of late.  If anybody hikes, and takes photos please send them in and post them up on the site, we'd love to see them.

We've just added a new area to the Message Board area dedicated to "Lean-To's" in the Adirondacks - a place to share some of your favorite shelters.  We hope to create a nice directory of lean-to's for everyone to benefit from, soon we hope to have photos, stories, and recommedations about most of the lean-to's in the Park.   

Happy Hiking, and hope you all have a wonderful week!  - ADK46.com

The Mountaineer Teams up with HikeADKs.com

The Mountaineer We're proud at the HikeADKs.com website to announce that our beloved mountaineering store has agreed to give us a hand with future prizes and promotions for our members.  As our site grows we hope to continue to grow our relationship and pass onto you special offers throughout the season. 

We are lucky to such a store located right in the heart of the high peaks, please pop in next time you're in the area or visit their website - www.mountaineer.com . Next time you're in the need for hiking gear, guide books, or renting equipment try them out.


Tyler hits all 46!

Tyler the 46er
Tyler and his Family on top of Colden
A big round of applause for one of our first and most active members on the site - Tyler Socash completes all 46 peaks in the Adirondack Park.  Please read his trail report of his final mountain (Colden) which he completed with his family last week.

He apparently hasn't had enough just yet, as he has already started his second round of climbing.  Great job Tyler, and we hope to see you out on the trail!


Our 46th Member!!! Congrats Glenna!

Nalgene PrizeGlenna is our Lucky #46 - On June 5th the HikeADKs site  hit 46 members, we are so excited that we are going to present a prize to our newest member.  Glenna Redmond is our lucky winner, to celebrate our 46th - we thought it would be fitting to present her with a very nice Adirondack High Peak Nalgene Bottle from the Mountaineer of Keene Valley. 

Keep passing the word around about the site - we are so pleased that we are growing in members!  - - - Happy Hiking!

** July Hiking Update **

A quick update for all you hikers....

** MUD / MOSQUITTO REPORT -  The bugs are here to stay - at least until the Fall arrives. Be sure to check the Trail Reports, parts of the park are worse than others.  Santanoni area recently has had reports of some black fly's, but most notably Dial and Nippletop area near Ausable club has reports of bad bugs.  Seward Range has it's fair share of mosquitto's, so plan ahead. Make sure you bring plenty of bug (DEET) dope with you on your next climb. Having a head net also wouldn't be a bad idea if you plan on taking a break from your climb.  If you plan to sleep in a lean-to, use a bed net to cover your whole body, this is one great trick that we use regularly for a peaceful night sleep.

Muddy Boots
Muddy Conditions
The Mud has returned, the dry weather has gone and the numerous thunderstorms rolling through the High Peak region has created lots of mud. Bring extra socks, wear Gaitors if you like, and using poles helps a lot to keep you out of the deep stuff. Along with bugs, Bears have also been reported near JBL and Lake Colden, so please be sure to always use a Bear Cannister to properly protect your food at night.

Check the message boards before you head out for a hike, it might give you some good insight into how the hiking conditions are.  We have updated the site a little bit at a time, and we're happy to see the new Forum is being well utlized.   Happy Hiking!