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HikeAdks Turns 1 year old!

Happy Birthday HikeADKs.com
Please indulge and Celebrate with us!
HikeAdks Turns 1 year old! This month marks our 1 year anniversary of providing tools and information to the ever growing amount of Adirondack Hikers. We would all like to thank all of our members out there for being supportive, sending your suggestions, and a big thank you to all who have contributed on this site.

To celebrate we've put together a 1 year birthday cupcake for all to enjoy (Our new years resolution has kept us from making it too unhealthy, so it's in online form only and it's safe to look at).  Coming in a a whopping 0 Calories this will be a very enjoyable treat for all.

Here's to 2008 and the next many years ahead for the HikeADKs Community!  Hip Hip Horray! Best wishes in the new year... Wishing to become a member of our site?

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all you hikers out there!  Hope you've made your new year resolutions, and sticking to them!  We've started a discussion on our message boards about those resolutions - so if you want to share what you are striving for, please share!
Adirondack Calendar
 On a side note, we wanted to let you know that we've just installed an online calendar system on the site. Some of our members have asked for this, and we delivered!  Should be a nice feature alerting everyone of upcoming events and other notable things.  (For example: when we hikers have to use Bear Canisters, and when we don't).  This should give everyone a good heads up.  Another bonus is that if anyone has an upcoming event they feel should be up there and is not - please let us know and contact us. We'll do our best.

Happy Hiking!  - - HikeADKs.com

Welcome to HikeADKs.com

We welcome you to HikeADKs.com, your personal hiking guide to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.  Firstly we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We have some big changes being made to the website over the next few weeks.

1) We are proud to announce that our site has changed its name to HikeADKs.com. A year ago the site was designed to be the new Adirondack 46ers website and was modeled just for that purpose.  A year has passed and the club has clearly stated that it is happy with it's current site, and in the meantime ADK46.com has fluirished with new hikers giving us raving reviews!  So we're here to stay, just with a different site name.

2) Come January we will be sprucing up the website adding much needed new features and tools, to give all you Adirondack Hikers out there.  So stayed tuned, as the upgrades are completed we'll be sending out updated emails. Most importantly the site will remain completely FREE for all users, and encourage everyone to contribute to the site.

Once again, wishing you all a very merry Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful time, and hope you all get to venture out in the Adirondack High Peaks this winter.

Happy Hiking!   - -  Eric @ HikeADKs.com

Bear Vault Update

This message was just posted by the people who make the Bear Vault...  After much discussion in our message forum, we have been learning on how the Bear Vault has been compromised by a bear in the Adirondacks (very smart bears!).  Please read what they have to say...

"Since 10 August a single bear in the Marcy Dam area has learned to open BearVault BV350/3400 models. It does this by pushing in the bump with its incisor tooth and unscrewing the lid. As of today, this bear is the only bear in the US that has managed to open BV350/400s since their introduction in June 2006. However it can open them at will and so BearVaults should not be used in the Marcy Dam area until new lids are available. In an effort to improve our product, test lids were sent to the rangers in the High Peaks area to distribute to hikers who were heading to Marcy Dam. The hope was by giving hikers and rangers test lids, we would increase the chances of getting an interaction of the new lids with this very talented bear. The problems is there were only 12 test lids available. The idea is a hiker would use the test lid and then return it to the rangers along with any information on interactions with bears at Marcy Dam.

If you are one of the hikers with these test lids,please contact us with your experience at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Also, if you are done with the test lid, please pass it on to another hiker who may be going to Marcy Dam (if you know of anyone) or return the lid to the rangers with your input. Input from this testing is crucial for the design of the lids for 2008. The new lids will be backwards compatible with BV350/400 and will be available for a free swapout next spring upon successful testing of these lids with this bear. Your help with this testing will ensure the new lids pass muster with the Marcy Dam bear. So far we have had one report of the Marcy Dam bear attacking the test lids and not getting in.

Thank you for your help.
Jamie and Cindy"


Fall Foliage '07

The Fall is certainly here and the reports coming in have been loud and clear - the Fall Foliage is here and in full force.  The trees have started their turn giving us reds, yellows, oranges and every color in-between making this season one of the best to visit the beautiful Adirondack State Park.

We at ADK46.com would like to give you an opportunity to show off your photo skills, send in your favorite fall photos from this year, and the winner(s) will have their photo featured right on the home page of the site!  Easiest way would probably be to post the photos up in the photo gallery area, and make sure you drop us an email to alert us of your postings.

Goodluck & Happy Hiking!