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World Map of Hikers now Live...

We have just implemented a new feature on the HikeADKs.com website - the ability to see a Google World Map of Adirondack 46 hikers.  To view this new feature please login and click on the "World Hiker Map" button.  Those users that have inputted enough information will be displayed on the world map.

This feature will be handy in meeting fellow hikers who are living in your vacinity.  Your personal information is not displayed (address, etc.), we take privacy very seriously on this site.  To let the site figure out your coordinates you have to update your profile but clicking on "Your Details", and then clicking on "Edit", plug in your address etc. and then click Update.

We believe this will be a fun new feature for our members, giving everyone an idea of where all of the aspriing and official 46'ers are in the world.  If you need any help please feel free to contact us through the contact form.