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HikeAdks Turns 1 year old!

Happy Birthday HikeADKs.com
Please indulge and Celebrate with us!
HikeAdks Turns 1 year old! This month marks our 1 year anniversary of providing tools and information to the ever growing amount of Adirondack Hikers. We would all like to thank all of our members out there for being supportive, sending your suggestions, and a big thank you to all who have contributed on this site.

To celebrate we've put together a 1 year birthday cupcake for all to enjoy (Our new years resolution has kept us from making it too unhealthy, so it's in online form only and it's safe to look at).  Coming in a a whopping 0 Calories this will be a very enjoyable treat for all.

Here's to 2008 and the next many years ahead for the HikeADKs Community!  Hip Hip Horray! Best wishes in the new year... Wishing to become a member of our site?

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