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Bear Vault Update - April 19th

Dear HikeADKs.com Members - Just received an email from Jamie Hogan - at BearVault. Below is the message:

"Our first test lids had the bump a bit too stiff; it would be difficult pushing in the bumps on a cold morning.  Our estimate of the new shipping date for the test lids is about 5 May.Anyone who frequents the Marcy Dam area with any bearvault model is at risk of this bear opening them. I hope to have the field testing complete by early June.

If the testing of this new lid is successful, we will accomodate you with a new unit.  If the new testing is not successful and you frequent this area, I suggest you use another brand of canister and return the unit you have to the store where you purchased it. We continue to have no problems outside of this area with BV350/400s.

I hope this clears things up.