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HikeADKs.com - Site Update

Dear HikeADKs Members,

It's been quite a long time since the site was refreshed, and I've spend the last few days tidying up.  We managed to upgrade the site this past spring, but there is some functionality which still hasn't been completed yet.  We are hoping to further improve the High Peak tracking tool, bring back the Photo Gallery, and more...  We love suggestions, so please drop me an email.

Going forward we hope to keep the site more current, and let the Adirondack High Peaks Message Board continue to grow and help all of us hikers out there get up to date information about the Peaks we love to climb.

Hope you all had a great hiking season and are looking forward to a beatuful Fall & Winter Season. Happy Hiking!  

Sincerely, Eric Sydor


Adirondack Trail Conditions Update - Sept 18, 2008

Trail Conditions


From the NY State Department of Conservation "Northway Bulletin" of September 18th 2008

Current Interior Conditions in the Adirondack High Peaks Region

Weather:  Forecasts provided by the National Weather Service (NWS) are based on conditions at low elevations.  Hikers & Campers entering the High Peaks Region should expect, and be prepared for, conditions which will likely be more severe than those expressed in a general NWS forecasts.  Hikers & Campers should check up-to-date forecasts before entering the back country, as weather forecasts can change .

Wilderness conditions can change suddenly:  While believed accurate, weather conditions may change at any time.  All users should plan accordingly, including bringing flashlight, first aid equipment, extra food, plenty of water and clothing.  Weather conditions may alter your plans; you should be prepared to spend an unplanned night in the woods before entering the back country.


Be Prepared before Entering Backcountry:

  • Check current weather conditions and short-term forecasts immediately before entering the backcountry;
  • Dress properly with appropriate outer wear and foot wear; hat and gloves or mittens; layers of non-cotton clothes and pack extra clothes and socks;

Bear Vault Update - April 19th

Dear HikeADKs.com Members - Just received an email from Jamie Hogan - at BearVault. Below is the message:

"Our first test lids had the bump a bit too stiff; it would be difficult pushing in the bumps on a cold morning.  Our estimate of the new shipping date for the test lids is about 5 May.Anyone who frequents the Marcy Dam area with any bearvault model is at risk of this bear opening them. I hope to have the field testing complete by early June.

If the testing of this new lid is successful, we will accomodate you with a new unit.  If the new testing is not successful and you frequent this area, I suggest you use another brand of canister and return the unit you have to the store where you purchased it. We continue to have no problems outside of this area with BV350/400s.

I hope this clears things up.


Bear Vault Update - Test Lids Available

In 2007 a bear at Marcy Dam in the Adirondacks learned how to open BearVault models BV350/400.  In response to this a revised lid has been developed that is backwards compatible with BV350/400s.  This new lid is the same size/weight as the BV350/400 lid, however it has two bumps to be pressed in to open it rather than one bump.
To read more click below.